Adventure and Extravagance: Unique Activities Offered by Andaman’s Luxury Hotels

Apart from the usual experience in a hotel, people who travel to Andaman are looking for something unique and rooted in adventure activities that expand their funnel of happiness. That’s because when it comes to islands in Andaman, Neil Island Beach Resort is among the few resorts that provide the unique experience that they expect in Andaman, by allowing guests to explore many unique natural wonders and strong cultural heritage through interactive adventures.

Here are a few unique activities offered by Andaman Neil Island luxury hotels:

Glass Bottom Boat Tours:

For people who prefer to explore vibrant marine life in a crystal-clear view close to their feet, glass-bottom boats are the best choice. Also, many luxury hotels arrange private snorkelling and scuba diving excursions, and the clear water around Neil Island, Havelock Island, and Port Blair thrives with coral reefs paired with eye-catching fish.

Bioluminescence waves:

In Andaman, bioluminescent waves are an unforgettable experience. Hotels near Radhanagar Beach, known for bioluminescent waves, offer these stunning sightings, and experiencing the glowing water illuminated through millions of tiny organisms simultaneously creates a surreal view.

Ecological adventure:

For an adventure inside the home of nature, explore mangrove forests with the help of your guide, where you can spot exceptional creatures like crabs, mudskippers, and an assortment of birdlife, along with an intricate ecosystem that maintains the island’s health and beauty.

Recreational cooking:

Luxury in hotels and resorts is more than just high-class accommodation. People need an experience that creates positive memories. Many hotels provide best-in-class cuisine with the flavour of rooted Andaman tastes. Also, a few good hotels in Neil Island provide recreational cooking so you can prepare delicious local dishes like fish curries, coconut rice, and fruit salads.

Private beach dinners:

Private resorts and hotels are known for their private beach spaces, where you can enjoy a private beach dinner. Where you need a space for romance with a candlelit table set up on the golden sand, with the sound of waves gently smoothing in the background, or celebration for the best moments in your life,

Clean-up Hikes:

In recent days, many private resorts and hotels have started promoting responsible tourism. So they organize hikes in which guests can collect trash to preserve the beauty of the rainforest, and you can also experience the actual forest around you.

Wildlife Spotting Tours:

Andaman is known for trekking Indigenous wildlife; a few resorts make partnerships with experienced naturalists to guide tourists in spotting indigenous wildlife like Andaman’s wild pig or scops owl.

Bonfire setups:

Hotels and resorts in Andaman specially arrange a bonfire with traditional and local dance and music performances for their guests to make them experience the vibrant culture of Andaman.

Spa Treatments with Local Ingredients:

Andaman is known for its exceptional spa treatments that infuse natural local ingredients. Relax with the massages and therapies using indigenous ingredients like turmeric, aloe vera, and coconut oil to pamper your body with a holistic wellness experience.

Canopy Walks: 

Experience a unique view of the rainforest with the high-octane canopy walk. Many hotels arrange a canopy walk for their guests, which involves traversing suspended platforms above the forest ground and offers a panoramic view of the green, lush forest with flourishing wildlife from a unique perspective.

These are a few important and unique activities offered by luxury hotels in Andaman. With more options to see and do, it’s evident that you will have an unforgettable experience in this paradise.


From refreshing cultural encounters to high-octane adventures with luxury add-ons, these havens of nature offer every kind of tourist and traveler an unforgettable world of tropical paradise. So, it’s time to pack your bags and suitcases for memorable adventures where you can explore the magic of Andaman with Neil Island Beach Resort.

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